Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank You Jeeves, That Will Be All

The other day I went in to discover why a new piece of scenery code had mysteriously stopped working. Eventually I came to this:
Ah! Now it all makes sense. The code should have read:
After having done a global search, clearly I had hit the space bar by accident, nuking my function call. The charming thing is that C++ doesn't question why I have a giant list of paranthetical "stuff", it just blissfully compiles it into an expression that does...well, pretty much nothing.

Some of my other favorite C++ isms:
case a: do_it(); break;
b: do_x(); break; // no case, not illegal - now "b'' is a label!
defaultl: do_more(); break; // typo in default? That's a label too!
Of course we are all familiar with the fun that emerges from swapping = and ==. And having a stray semi-colon never hurt anything.

Propsman had an apt characterization: C++ is like an overly polite butler. "A...hamburger on the rocks, Sir? Certainly, Sir, I'll bring you one directly..."

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