Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vtune - where's the stack?

I used VTune the other day to look at some performance problems on my PC. (Turns out the performance problem is the PC.) There's one thing about VTune I don't quite get:
  • When you're using the adaptive sampling profiler (system-timer-driven sampling) you only get function names.
  • To get a stack crawl you need to instrument the application (invasive profiling).
Now I don't like invasive profiling at all for a few reasons...
  • It changes the performance characteristics of the application.
  • It's not really compatible with inlining.
When sampling with Shark on the Mac, you get the stack history of each sample, not just the function itself. This is pretty important when leaf functions are bottlenecks from certain directions. For example, it's one thing to know you're spending all your time in glDrawElements (duh). But who is calling it? The OBJ engine? The mesh engine? Something else?

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