Thursday, June 14, 2007

Virtual Memory Dumping for Fun and Profit

We're trying to answer the question: why did X-Plane run out of memory? To answer that, we need to look at the contents of virtual memory. Now dumping virtual memory isn't so bad.

On Windows you call VirtualQuery with a base address. Start at 0 and increment by the returned RegionSize. When you get to dwTotalVirtual (as returned by GlobalMemoryStatus) that's a good time to stop.

On the Mac call vm_region, starting at 0 and incrementing by "size" until it returns an error code. One tricky thing: vm_region will skip over unused virtual memory. To "see" these holes (this is address space that can be used later) compare the address you pass in to the one that's returned. If you pass in a pointer that's in an unused region, the address will be advanced to the next region.

What if you want to show the DLLs/dylibs that are mapped into a given region? I make no promise for the performance of this method but...

On Windows, use GetMappedFileName. Pass in your process handle and a base address from VirtualQuery and it fills in a buffer with a DLL name if possible. This is in psapi.dll so it isn't available on non-NT-derived Windows.

On Mac, use dladdr, passing in the base address of the region. You'll get a dylib file path and a symbol name, although the symbol name tends to be junk.

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