Monday, April 09, 2007

The wrong side of the war

I picked the wrong side...I've done a lot of work on PPC hardware, I think in Big Endian,
and I can read PPC assembly. With Apple's move to x86 hardware, how is that useful??

I thought this link provides a nice intro into stack frames and register usage in x86 assembly. This is very important - the x86 has so few registers that code that looks clean and simple on the PPC gets quite obtuse as things get juggled around. Between that, 453 addressing modes and 102,249 instructions, x86 assembler can look like the mad scribblings of Russel Crow in "A Beautiful Mind".

Any idea what this does? :-)

0x00000000: 55 push ebp
0x00000001: 89E5 mov ebp,esp
0x00000003: 56 push esi
0x00000004: 83EC04 sub esp,0x4
0x00000007: B8CCCCCCCC mov eax,0xcccccccc
0x0000000c: 890424 mov dword ptr [esp],eax
0x0000000f: C745F800000000 mov dword ptr [ebp-0x8],offset ?b@@3Vbar@@A
0x00000016: 8B45F8 mov eax,dword ptr [ebp-0x8]
0x00000019: 8B5004 mov edx,dword ptr [eax+0x4]
0x0000001c: 89D1 mov ecx,edx
0x0000001e: 8B31 mov esi,dword ptr [ecx]
0x00000020: 89D1 mov ecx,edx
0x00000022: FF16 call dword ptr [esi] near
0x00000024: 8B1504000000 mov edx,dword ptr ?b@@3Vbar@@A+0x4
0x0000002a: 89D1 mov ecx,edx
0x0000002c: 8B31 mov esi,dword ptr [ecx]
0x0000002e: 89D1 mov ecx,edx
0x00000030: FF16 call dword ptr [esi] near
0x00000032: B800000000 mov eax,0x0
0x00000037: 8D65FC lea esp,dword ptr [ebp-0x4]
0x0000003a: 8B3424 mov esi,dword ptr [esp]
0x0000003d: 8B6C2404 mov ebp,dword ptr [esp+0x4]
0x00000041: 83C408 add esp,0x8
0x00000044: C3 ret near

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